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With Julia White

The Nineties music boom was a gold rush for singles – everywhere you went on the radio, you heard a high-speed collision of different beats. Every style of music out there was booming, from grunge to gangsta rap, from dancehall to disco, from riot-grrrl punk to TRL midriff mall-pop, with a thousand different electronica schools and nearly as many Wu-Tang solo records. Whatever kind of noise was ringing your bells, the Nineties held more of it than any fan could absorb. There’s no way one list could sum up such a bountiful decade – hell, you could run through two or three hundred great tunes from summer ’94 alone.

A fun quiz for you:
1. What was the title of Cher’s first 90’s UK No. 1 single?
2. Sinead O’Connor had a hit in 1990 with Nothing Compares 2 U, but who wrote it?
3. Which group had the first “new” UK No. 1 of the 1990’s? (on 13th Jan 1990, knocking the 1989 Xmas No. 1 off top spot)
4. Which Bachelors hit was a 90’s No. 1 for Robson and Jerome?
5. Which 90’s chart hit for Louise was also the title of her debut solo album?
6. Whose debut solo album, in 1992, was entitled Diva?
7. Who was the biggest selling Country artist, worldwide, of the 1990’s?
8. Which 1998 hit for 911 was a cover of a 70’s hit by Tavares?
9. Who’s 1997 hit Mmmbop topped the singles charts on both sides of the Atlantic?
10. Who had a 1996 hit with the Simon and Garfunkel song Cecilia?

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