70s at 7!

70s at 7!

Join David & Julia for an hour on Tuesday evenings with the sounds of the seventies. 

Will you hear Bridge Over Trouble Water by Simon & Garfunkel or maybe
Raindrops Keep Fallin’ on My Head? Tune in to find out!

Great era, great music.

RocketMan Roberts

RocketMan Roberts Classics Radio Show  features mostly seventies, a little 80’s, a smidgeon of 90’s and great music from any and ALL decades.  From The “Garry Owens” type announcer to the girl-next-store liners, RRCRS is listening fun for everyone. Listen for the Deep Space Answering Machine and Marty The Martian’s one-liners. You’ll also here from Ground Control, and spokesperson Stacy Kincaid.

Sounds of The 70s

Music from the 70s
Elton John to Diana Ross, Bee Gees to The Beatles, Abba to Fleetwood Mac.

Who was your favourite Artist?