Make a Request

The Request Show provides Hospital Radio Exeter with a unique contact between the station and its listeners. It allows us to keep in touch with what our listeners want to hear and to promote our service to those who may not yet have discovered us. The feedback that we receive from our daily ward visits is vital to the successful development of our radio service.

Each evening, our members visit the wards at the Royal Devon & Exeter Hospital on a rota basis; we don’t only collect requests but chat to patients too. After all, some patients don’t receive many visitors and our members provide a friendly face and a sympathetic ear.

Once all of the requests have been collected, our ward visitors return to the studios, sort out all the records and prepare the show.

There are five ways to get a request played….

1. You can phone us on:
Reception: 01392 402020 or Studio Direct: 01392 402019

2. Patients and visitors can make requests by going to the entrance to the TLC Restaurant (within the hospital building itself) and filling in a request slip and posting it into our request box.

3. Look out for our Ward Visitors out & about on wards of the RD&E Hospital weeknights 7-8pm

4, Text Hospital Radio Exeter
07469 979 881

5. Use the online request – use button below

Remember, if you have a song in mind but can’t remember the title or the artist, don’t worry, you can either…
Send us as much information as you can. Even if it means humming the tune down the phone to us, or giving us one line of lyrics, we’ll be able to help!